Face mask tips for kids during covid-19

[Vnexpress.net] According to US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), children are subjects of poor resistance and susceptible to infectious diseases, which make preventative measures such as frequent hand washing, proper nutrition and wearing mask in public places become essential to their wellness, especially during the time that covid-19 pandemic remains complicated. Here comes some few tips that would help!

Choose product that could support fine dust filter and bacteria filter

Fine dust is the tiny dust particles in the air. When the concentration increases, the air will be dimmed and visibility is reduced. Long-term exposure to fine particles is the cause of hemophilia and blood poisoning (which is the reason for serious damage of circulatory system and depression of the nerve system and cardiovascular diseases). Once pervading into the body, fine dust will reduce the function of the lungs, causing chronic bronchitis, asthma, lung cancer. In addition, fine dust contains potential pathogens, dangerous bacteria such as acute pneumonia SARS, flu and diarrhea.

To choose the right product that qualified for 2.5PM dust filtration, consumers should carefully read the ingredients, and uses and qualification tests cited on the packaging before buying.

Sản phẩm khẩu trang y tế trẻ em Danameco. Ảnh: Thanh Duy. Danameco Medical Facemask for children. Photo: Thanh Duy


Choose the size that fits

Facemask prevents you from directly breathing air droplets that may containing viruses and other pathogens. For that reasons, wearing a facemask, especially during the pandemic of Covid-19, is critical no matter for adults or children. To children, parents should pay more attention to mask’s size.

Recently, Danameco launched a brand new line of product specially designed for kids. The product has passed the test of Vietnam Ministry of Health, qualified for EN1486 EU standards and U.S. ASTM F2100.

Accordingly, face mask for 6-12 year old children uses soft and adjustable nose splint and earloop strap, breathable nonwoven fabrics and high-quality bacterial filter layer. With face mask for 2-5 year old children, nose splint is omitted to avoid causing unexpected harm to child’s nose bridge.

Testing process for materials Testing process for medical facemask's materials. Photo: Thanh Duy.


Water-proof and anti-allergic materials

Non-woven fabric, created by spray weaving technology that melts evenly, is water resistant that help prevent droplets in the air, reducing the risk of infection for children.

To be able to bring non-woven fabrics to the production, Danameco has followed a strict control process, ensuring selected materials are met the test of US International Accreditation Organization, ISO 190993 Singapore and other clinical tests to prove its non-allergenic characteristic.


Product origin is important

On the morning of August 15 2020, Market Management Team No. 6 (Ha Tinh Administration of Information Management) coordinated with Traffic Police Department and Ha Tinh Police to arrest a truck that carried a large number of medical masks without receipts and license. Experts say that mask of unknown origin and poor-quality materials can cause serious respiratory diseases than wearer may think of, especially for children.

Therefore, in order to choose right products, parents should pay attention to reputable brands and information made public on product covers. Trusted products will provide users with manufacturer name, distributor (if any), barcode, LOT number, expire date, and other qualification document numbers.

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