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Prioritize your safety always

What to look for when choosing Danameco as PPE Solution Provider?

Safety standards come first

At Danameco, nothing is as important as safety standards. All the products are going to be subject to very strict control before it can be placed on market. This explains why Danameco now presented on major hospitals across Vietnam and demanding markets such as Japan, the U.S., Germany, and Australia as well.

Comprehensive solution of PPE and more

More than a manufacturer, Danameco positions itself as a professional and comprehensive PPE solution provider. Do you know what bothers us most? That is the efficiency and economy for our customers.

Distribution Reach

Not only is the leading medical supplies provider in Vietnam, over the past decade, we have brought the Danameco brand to top hospitals, construction sites, factories, ... in many markets around the world and we keep continuing to expand rapidly.

Our products categories

DANAMECO's products are factory-made on closed loop manufacturing system, sterilized by EOGAS and packed with environmentally friendly materials, ensuring ISO management system standards.