About Danameco

Vietnam leading medical consumable manufaturer

Pioneer since 1976

DANAMECO MEDICAL JOINT STOCK CORPORATION – established in 1976 – is one of the pioneer Vietnam – based manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies nationwide and abroad. DANAMECO’s product range is varied, from specialty kits for medical usage, bandage and gauze, hospital uniform, to anesthesia and respiratory consumables, surgical stapler and artificial kidney fitter…, aiming to best meet the customer demand.

At DANAMECO, quality and safety requirements are always the fist priority. This is to explain why all of the company products are manufactured on a closed – loop system, sterilized by EOGAS and packed with eco – friendly packaging. The company’s activities always comply with legal standards and international management criteria, namely ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016, which have been certified by the authorities.

During the last ten years, to maintain its pioneering position, DANAMECO has stretched its leg to export sector, taking its products to the top challenging markets, specifically the U.S., Germany and Japan.

Throughout more than 40 years of development, DANAMECO has never stopped to adapt and respond to changes in the milieu of medical supplies, getting itself ready for high – volume orders with strict requirements, bringing maximum satisfaction to domestic and overseas partners.

Our core competence
  • Specialized organization structure ensures smooth and efficient operation of the enterprise.
  • Long – standing strategic partnership with world leading partners. Wealth of expertise and dedicated experienced staffs enables a high confidence in taking any new challenge.
  • Responsive, agile and flexible to adapt to changing market demands.